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   After a few races this season where he was able to ride to the front for part of the evening, round four of the Flat Track Canada series at Georgian Downs belonged to Tyler Seguin as he was finally able to put things together for a whole event. Seguin was unbeatable on this night as he was first to the checkers in his heat race, the Dash for Cash, as well as the main event. Seguin was challenged briefly in the Dash and the main, but for the most part the number 22 Evans Racing machine was unstoppable.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #22 Tyler Seguin

   First up for Seguin after taking the victory in his heat race was the Dash for Cash and Seguin was looking for a repeat performance of round three where he took home the lions share of the loot. Seguin grabbed the lead from the start and although he did follow Dominic Beaulac across the line on lap two, Seguin quickly recovered to lead for the final two laps towards the checkers. Perhaps riding this momentum into the main event, Seguin no doubt had another victory on his mind but would have a little bit of work to do first after not getting the holeshot at the start of the race. Early race leader was Beaulac on a borrowed Sehl Racing machine with current points leader Dave Pouliot right on his heels. Beaulac would lead the first two laps and then Pouliot made his move to the front which for the most part has spelled disaster for the rest of the field for the past couple of rounds. Seguin had other ideas on this night however and a slick move on lap six saw him grab the lead as he surprised the two Quebec riders who were involved in their own battle. Beaulac and Pouliot were able to hang with Seguin briefly but as the race wore on Seguin put a substantial gap between him and second place. As Seguin stood triumphantly on his pegs as he crossed the line, the fist fight for second came right down to the wire with Beaulac edging out Pouliot by a couple of tire treads.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #16 Dave Pouliot
Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #30 Dominic Beaulac

   Pouliot did have some redemption in the Expert DTX race as he was untouched from start to finish on his way to the checkered flag, leaving the rest of the field to fight for the remaining two spots on the podium. Jimmy McCullough held second place briefly before rookie Expert Boyd Deadman made his way past on lap five. It looked like that order would remain the same for the duration of the race but with two laps to go Brandon Newman got past McCullough and would hold onto that position until the end of the race.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #9 Jimmy McCullough/ #61b Brandon Newman

   Intermediate action was dominated by Rod Scott as he led both races virtually from start to finish. In the DTX race Scott grabbed the lead early with Ty Rahm settling into second. As Scott was busy going wire to wire, Rahm, Adrian St. Amand and Phil Little were left to fight for the scraps behind the leader and at the finish line it was Little with a last lap pass just edging out St. Amand at the line. In the Open race Scott took the lead out of turn two on the opening lap and once again never looked back on his way to victory number two on the night. This time the battle behind him involved St. Amand, Felix Dandurand and Logan Wilson. With one lap to go it looked like St. Amand was safely in second with Wilson equally comfortable in third. Dandurand had other ideas however and a good charge on the last lap saw him make his way past Wilson before they got to the checkers.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #94 Adrian St. Amand/ #290 Logan Wilson

   Novice racing action belonged to KBR rider Liam Caskie as he had the field covered quite handily in both the DTX and Open races. In DTX action the top three never changed the whole race as Seth Little followed Caskie across the line followed by Alex Beaulac. In the Open race the top three remained the same but this time Little had to make his way past Beaulac on lap seven to take over second place.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #8 Liam Caskie

   ATV Open looked like it was once again going to belong to reigning champ Peter Grison as he built up a huge lead early in the race. Mechanical gremlins bit Grison on lap six and he would find himself watching the remainder of the race from the inside of the front straight. With Grison sidelined, Jay Wayne took the victory with Luc Biladeau and Brandon Doucette rounding out the top three. Vet action saw Yves Boisvert take the victory ahead of grizzled veteran Rick Gunby who made his way past Bentley Thistlethwaite with two laps to go.

Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #1 Peter Grison/ Brandon Doucette
Photo By. Full Throttle Photos #77 Rick Gunby

   Next racing action for Flat Track Canada is September 17th in Wheatley. For information as well as point standings please visit

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