Rules Meeting For 2017 Race Season


2017 FTC Minutes


We talked about vision plans for 2017 which included;

-Bringing OEM demo rides to certain race events

-Having live entertainment such as music play after the race event to try and create more of a social scene

-Have a race during the Western Fair, date still to be confirmed

-Live streaming as opposed to the web series, and add more small short video clips on social media on the day of the event

-Develop characters in our sport and build merchandise around certain individuals

-Memberships and waivers are now available online. Please sign up to avoid massive lines at the first race.

-We will likely have a pre season kick off party May 15th in Hamilton.

Vision for 2018

-Add 3 rounds which include Alberta, BC and Quebec.

-We will offer affordable ways to transport equipment and affordable solutions for travel to the western rounds.

-For western rounds only Intermediate and Expert classes are expected to travel for points. The remaining classes will have a East/ West series, but still have the option in competing in both.

-We would link up provincial rounds in conjunction to utilize as much racing as possible.

-Western rounds will likely be mid to late June.

-If you would like your race results on Website- email us at and send us your race report, plus any press releases that you would like us to promote. Including a pre season press release of what you are riding and who you are riding for.

Flat Track Canada needs help for the following positions:

School –Instructor/Helper, which is a paid position, please submit an application or resume online at

Corner Marshals – will be paid positions at national events, education programs for situations on the track during a race event, have flag marshal uniform. They must be reliable to attend every race for their designated corner. If the marshal is unable to attend please provide a replacement show up to take your place. Please submit an application.

Rules Committee/Board: Please come forward and volunteer, must have experience with rules, racing, and not biased. Responsibilities are to discuss the options and actions put in place pertaining to situations on and off the track. This will included calling races in advance, track safety, penalties and the severity of them when handed out, enforcing a ruling over a group decision or majority with the best interest for the racers and relieving the referee of these decisions.

-We will be arranging a rules committee and a promoters committee. The rules committee will start with selected officials, after monthly meeting partake, we will then add more people.

-We are looking for a very experienced people and friendly individuals for the role of technical director. Paid position, please forward resume to


Paid Positions: Front Gate, Sign In, Track Preparation, Technical Director, and Bike Tech.

Rules & Changes that were discussed

Black Flag — A few riders collectively mentioned if you continue to run on a black flag, it should a complete disqualification. If the racer does not see the black flag after two consecutive laps then the third lap should have that rider’s number up on a chalk board/white board sign with the black flag.  When a rider fails to adhere to the BLACK FLAG they will be disqualified from the days. Other penalties can be applied such as a probation period and the rider may face further penalties. **Referees discretion**

DASH FOR CASH — All rules apply for the dash for cash. For example; changing bikes from what you qualified on, means you start on the second row.

STAGGERED START — Should the leader line up on the outside or inside? – AMA RULE BOOK has a zig-zag start and allows the leader to pick inside or outside. The problem with this start you will find a few rows back you can’t see the light.  One rider suggested to restart “single file wheel to wheel”. **FINAL DECISION** Wheel to wheel restart.  This is up for change if wheel to wheel does not work.

PROBATIONARY RULES — Case by case, by a rules committee

VETERAN and EXPERT — The proposed rule is a rider is not allowed to run both classes on the same day. One rider argues that with only one bike, how do they run more than one class?  Another rider notes “it’s not fair to the veterans who get stomped by and expert riders”. While another states they feel it’s a safety issue that involves novice veteran riders with experts riders. **FINAL DECISION**   Veterans can continue racing in expert classes on the same day.

JUMPS — With no red flag, if there is a protest immediately post race, we will have a GO PRO on the line which will confirm allegation.  If said person did jump they will have a penalty handed to them.  If you get busted for jumping the referee can move said rider back three spots. However it was eventually ruled that if the race plays out the way it was intended, without post race penalty nothing can be done thereafter. We will tighten enforcement on false starts for 2017, especially in the pro classes.

CUTTING THE TRACK — Pylons will need to be set up between the noodles and corner marshals will bring it to the referees attention. Corner marshal’s will call in the rider that’s cutting to the lower part of the track, and in turn the referee can dock them three places per incident or each time the track was cut. If you are forced to go below the line to avoid an accident, there will be no penalty.

ATV Production Class – A rider proposed “No hybrids, base the class off the number of entries that day. Four stroke up to 550cc with exception, Flat track tires for rear, knobby front”  ** An ATV production class will be added**

ATV PROTECTION EQUIPMENT — Chest protector and back brace, tech vest, Kevlar. For 2017 some type of back brace or spine protector will be mandatory for all ATV riders.

PROTECTION EQUIPMENT – Back brace, back protector, or spine protector will be mandatory for all classes.

SPONSORED CLASS – We are looking to implementing sponsorship’s for each class.  Banner signage is an idea to help build purse for individual classes. Please contact us for more details.

NUMBER PLATE – The 2017 rule is to have everyone abide by the rulebook in terms of number plates, color coordination to their class. If riders don’t have the proper plates they won’t be scored or awarded any points/ prize money. Riders from US will need to know our rules and abide by them. Open to protest if they do make it out onto the track although this should be caught in tech inspection. We will have a one round allowance to a first time out of province racers.

STEEL SHOW SOCIETY — FTC will donate $1000 to get it started. There will only be a couple people who run this, it will be a NOT FOR PROFIT section of FTC. The premise is to start a injured riders fund to help with aid when a rider becomes overwhelmed with a injury that does not allow them to work and or needs help with a severe injury that involves extensive therapy. This is a tax deductible write off as a donation for anyone that contributes. This program will allow up to 10% of the account balance to go towards unforeseen expenses after an injury at a FTC sanctioned event. IE Parking at the hospital, hotel stays if you are far from home ect. We are looking for people to get involved with the program. (We’re still in the process of starting the fund and potentially looking at third support).

The Steel Shoe Society will come from Hot Shoe Canada’s sales in the form of 10% towards the fund from every shoe sold made by Benny Else from Hot Shoe Canada.

DNF — When an original start is made, and race ends in a restart, if a rider does not make it back to the line for said restart, they will receive a DNS and will still get awarded last place points.

DNS — If a rider does not start in the main event they will receive no points.

PIT COMMUNICATION – Better pit communication is needed because of complaints that riders cannot hear or understand when their races are up and results in missing the practice, heat or race.  A better pit location and or system will need to be put into place to ensure no riders are left out of the loop, or have to race through the pits to a late entry. ** SOLUTION** We will try and add a PA system but it’ll be up to the riders to make sure they are up and available when their next race is up. Some pit locations will change this year, hopefully to be visible to the track.


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