Round 4 Welland Results

Round four of the Flat Track Canada series saw the racing posse hit Welland County Speedway which just happens to be Don Taylor’s home track. After starting the season with three straight wins in the Open Expert class, Taylor was hoping to keep his streak alive in front of the hometown fans. Early on in the final, Taylor seemed to be doing just that as he was up front with a comfortable lead. As the race progressed however, Mike Labelle slowly picked away at the gap between him and Taylor. As the white flag flew for the last lap, Taylor turned perhaps his worst lap at the track in years and this gave Labelle the opening he was looking for. As they exited turn four headed for the checkers, Labelle slipped by and took the win by inches over Taylor and ending his streak at three.

#88 Mike LaBelle

   As impressive as the win was by Labelle, ride of the night would have to go to Doug Lawrence in the same race. Early in the night Lawrence had bent his shift lever in a heat race when he made slight contact in an incident involving Cody Johncox and Brad Hazel. This would come back to haunt him in his Open Expert heat race when as he was leaving the starting line, his chain fell off due to a missing masterlink clip (remember that bent shift lever ) and he was scored as a DNF. Starting all alone on the back row in the final, Lawrence picked his way through the field like a man on a mission. As the checkers flew for Labelle, Lawrence crossed the line while riding the wall only millimeters behind Taylor. I think it is safe to say that if the race had gone one more lap there is a good chance that the number 73 would have been celebrating the win at the end of the night.

#73 Doug Lawrence #1 Don Taylor

   Other action in the big bike classes saw Jesse Isherwood take victory in both Open and Production Frame classes. After a few years of seasoning at the track it has become very apparent that Isherwood is very comfortable at the front of the pack. Intermediate action saw Shane Corbeil grab the victory in Production Frame while Josh Dolan took the win in Open in his first race in the series.

#82 Shane Corbeil

   Speedway racing saw Welland ace Kyle Legault take the win over John Kehoe and defending champion Terry Rideout.

Round 4 Winners

Open Expert: Mike Labelle

Production Frame Expert: Don Taylor

Open Intermediate: Josh Dolan

Production Frame Intermediate: Shane Corbeil

Open Novice: Jesse Isherwood

Production Frame Novice: Jesse Isherwood

Vet: Steve Ball

Speedway: Kyle Legault

250cc: Dustin Brown

85cc: Hunter Bauer

65cc: Hunter Bauer

50 Chain: Mitchell Tinney

50 Shaft: Maguire Scott

Thanks to David Dudley for the fantastic photos!

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