Round 3 National Race Report- Welland

Round 3 Flat Track Canada Nationals

June 11th Welland Raceway


Round 3 of the Canadian National Series was a hot one which brought out a massive amount of riders and yet broke another record for the Welland Club. Many friends south of the border ventured up to give it a shot on one of two clay based tracks on the circuit. It was only American riders looking to prevail at round three, Quebec rider Dave Pouliot coming off his first half mile victory in the Expert class from Paris round two needed to secure the points he collected and finally ride this tricky track. Conditions were favorable leading into the afternoon after opening ceremonies and heat races.


The Open Expert main was fast an interesting seeing many talents struggle on the very slippery technical clay surface at Welland. Steve Beattie made a surprise debut to Welland, only to give us an idea that he maybe heading to every round to chase the championship down.



This made things interesting to have two sets of fast brothers in the expert main Brandon & Tyler Seguin and Doug & Steve Beattie which proves how much of a family sport flat track racing can be.



When the green light triggered, Doug Lawerence racing his Honda CRF450, pulled an early holeshot that would have him out front for the remainder of the race. On lap four, Steve Beattie came into the corner one a little hot and slid into his brother Doug Beattie, which forced Doug to the outside and check up to avoid contact with other riders. Although four riders made it past Doug Beattie he managed to make a comeback behind Steve Beattie passing Pouliot, Hoy, Hazel and Buchan to cross the line right back behind his brother. Just ahead of Steve Beattie was Brandon Seguin who passed Steve on the inside of corner four and held him off to secure fifth position meanwhile brother Tyler Seguin held off Mike Labelle to take third spot.



The DTX Expert main event had Yamaha Canada rider Don Taylor off to an early lead pulling a holeshot start into corner one over current champion and Parts Canada supported rider Doug Lawerence. New York native, Brad Hazel tucked in behind Lawrence and Taylor with a small gap to the remaining six riders hot on his tail. Hometown Wellander, Mike Labelle had his hands full, holding off the young gun of Broderick Buchan, Doug Beattie and Tyler Seguin.



Lap three Doug Lawerence made a move to the inside of Don Taylor forcing him wide and opening the door to make a pass, at the same time Hazel loses some traction and drifts wide allowing Buchan and Labelle to drive past him into corner three.

A scary moment comes about when the Lawrence and Taylor come around three into four and clip the inside coping pulling it onto the track, other riders like Pouliot, Beattie and Hoy drive right over five inch pipe but its removed before Lawerence makes his way back around.

Lawerence continued to gap out over Don to take the win, with five riders battling it out to the checkered flag. Buchan holds off Labelle to clinch third spot.

welland pic 2



The Open Intermediate race seemed stacked and looked like it could have been anybody’s race. The very fast young gun Dallas Daniels from North Matoon, IL, who’s known to favour clay based tracks, got off to a early lead over Welland locals Shane Corbeil and Dustin Lambert. Tyler Brown of Muskoka, ON on lap three runs out of room and rubs into Sam Manyon forcing a high side, Manyon and Browns bike stayed connect right to the bales on corner four before they finally unhooked from one another. This caused a red flag and a stop to the race.


Tyler Brown was okay, so after the restart Shane Corbeil charged to the lead with the rest of the pack very close behind. Halfway through the race Corbeil was challenge by Daniels and Honda Canada KBR rider Jodi Christie on either side of him. Daniels makes a move to the inside of Corbeil and gets by, Instantaneously Sam Manyon passes Jodi Christie to hold onto a third place finish behind Corbeil.13407111_10205095947596728_5440871528620880244_n


To kick off the DTX Intermediate race, it was Jodi Christie, Dustin Brown, Jesse Isherwood and Justin Crumb going nearly four wide out of corner two. Christie found some traction on the inside line to lead them around for a couple laps before Dustin Lambert proceeded to slice his way through traffic and into second spot. This was short lived when Lamberts front while caught a piece of the infield coping and lifted his front tire off the ground forcing him to lay it down in front of the pack.welland pic


With nowhere to go Justin Crumb cliped Lambert in the legs sending his bike airborne and into the wall, Crumb suffered a broken bone in his leg during this accident. (We send our well wishes to Crummer in hopes for a speedy recovery so he can return before the end of the season.) Upon the red flag staggered re-start young rider Dustin Brown nabs the hole shot around Christie. Christie returns the favour in corner four with Brown, Corbeil and Daniels not far behind. Christie would lead them to the checkers but it would be Daniels scooping up the second spot by making some outstanding passes on Corbeil and Brown in the remaining laps.



Novice had one rider in particular on the radar at Welland. With bike problems at the start of the day Intermediate racer Shane Corbeil let “Jetpack” Jimmy McCullough ride one of his Yamaha 450 DTX bikes. Both times McCullough had to work his way to the front of the pack but he at least got the satisfying taste of victory in the Open Novice main event.



The ATV riders put a great show at Welland making for some great Thrills & Spills.  The riders seemed to have a more difficult time passing with the smaller grooved line on the inside of the track and once they leave it they typically drift far to the outside or spin out. Seen below is Andy Wayne who just managed to hold onto this complete 360-degree spin.








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