BC Provincial Results Round 1 – Okeefe’s Ranch, Vernon

Cheers to everyone who came out and made this past weekend so rad!
It was great to see so old faces and so many new ones coming out for another wild summer.
Real competitive racing straight off the bat too…and no accidents…the perfect start.

The tailgate trophy race is hot already, 8 people separated by 5 points, the complete list will be at each race weekend:

First place: Kim Anderson, a perfect score…24 points, Vintage 2.
Second place: Roger Goldammer, 23 points, Vintage 2.
Third place tie: Tyler VanNice, 22 points, Novice
                         Chris Castles, 22 points, Vintage 2.

Another massive thank you to Kim, Todd, Shawn, Roger, Chris and Kyle who came and helped get the track prepped for probably some of the best conditions we have had so far and also to everyone who gave a hand on Sunday to water, flag, clean up, etc., it is much appreciated.

It was much busier than we had expected which is great but I also realize it was not without some teething problems.  We are aiming for it to move along with a little better flow for the coming rounds, particularly the way in which the heats are displayed and managed. 
To do this we are looking to hire some help for the rest of the season as it getting too busy for myself and Jimmy to handle on our own.
Preferably non-racers so that as a racer you can chill, enjoy your race weekend and focus on racing. If you know of anyone that can help in any of these areas please let us know, pay will be $50 + food/drink.

Images from the race can be found here: http://juliedorgephotography.shootproof.com/gallery/2677407/

And please collect as many clean plastic bottles as possible for the safety barriers around the track.


Jimmy, Grant


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