Paris Half Mile Race Report- Round 2

Paris Half Mile Race Report- Round 2

“Deep as a Beach!”

The second round of the Canadian Nationals always advertises as sweet deep cushion. But be careful what you wish for because this year was Gnarly! The track was pretty well like sand and seemed to be like racing on a beach and there was a ton of bikes beating up the track throughout the day. A ton track maintenance delays with the unexpected surface caused for us go over schedule.  With entries approaching 200, flat track’s popularity still seems to be on the rise which breeds new challenges but totally worth seeing growth.

The DTX Intermediate was a stacked class. Former Canadian National superbike champion (CSBK) and now full time flat track star Jodi Christie pulled to an early lead with his super fast Honda Canada/KBR CRF450. Justin Crumb and Tyler Brown followed Jodi for the first few laps, as he started to show everyone he is comfortable and ready for this flat tracking business.

After lap 3, Tyler Brown made a move on Jodi for the lead with Dallas Daniels from Illinois moved from half back in the pack up to 3rd on his Yamaha YZF450. The race continued to play out this way for most of the race until Dallas snuck by Jodi to take 2nd. The win would go to Muskoka boy Tyler Brown.


DTX Expert competition would see one of the coolest races to watch by all means, not that there was a lot of passing but just the way Dave Pouliot rode. Dave Pouliot from Quebec City, Qc riding his JPR/ Kawasaki Canada KXF450, took an early lead and pretty much didn’t shut off… literally… It was probably the first time I’ve heard a flat track bike bounce off the rev limiter all the way around the track through corners and all. Don Taylor did everything he could on his Yamaha YZF450 to chase him down but every time he would gain, Don would bobble and lose even more steam. Unbelievable ride for Pouliot, Nick Wenzler would finish 3rd on his Honda CRF450 to round out the top three leaving Brodie Buchan just shy of the box.


Open Intermediate looked to be an interesting race. Dustin Brown (Tyler Brown’s younger brother) took an early lead but Jodi Christie would battle back and forth with Dustin. Out of nowhere heading on to lap 4 Tyler Brown passed both Jodi and Dustin to take the lead forcing not much room for Dustin, which lead to Dustin catching wheels with Christie and spitting him off the bike and into the wall forcing a restart.


From the restart Tyler got the holeshot but Jodi Christie and Tyler battled back and forth for numerous laps. Eventually Dallas Daniels jumped in to 2nd, edging out Christie. Dustin Brown came from the back of the pack in the restart all the way to fourth which would have made an interesting finish if he didn’t go down. Congrats to Tyler Brown for taking home double victories!


In Open Expert Don Taylor and Steve Beattie were literally neck and neck for a couple of laps, eventually Taylor pulled away from Steve and pack a little which gave him a comfortable lead. Most of the action was for second spot with Evans and Pouliot hot on Steve’s heels. Eventually Evans would get by Steve Beattie and it also looked like Pouliot would go by Beattie as well. Yet Beattie managed to catch a great drive getting back by Evans for 2nd spot. About halfway through the race Tyler Seguin couldn’t hold on to the big heavy Water’s KTM Duke 990, the bike got away from him cart wheeling both Tyler and the bike down the front straight away. Unfortunately the race was red flagged and it came to general consensus between riders and officials to call the race a finish at that point. With the time delay causing low light and an ultra beat up gnarly track it was the most safe and sensible decision to make at that time.




In Novice, local Paris boy Jimmy McCullough would bring home back to back wins in both Novice classes. A big cheer from the hometown crowd and a great achievement for 14 year old. Bruce Martin would take second in both main as well. Certainly seems like the young talent that have moved up the ranks are going to be the ones that are the force to reckon with this year in the National Series.



Photos Courtesy of: David Dudley



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