Inaugural Race at Cornwall Speedway for Round 5

Cornwall Motor Speedway played host to round five of the Flat Track Canada series presented by Parts Canada and early reviews suggest the first trip to the speedway for FTC was a resounding success. The event was enjoyed by a large, enthusiastic crowd and with excellent track prep the racing surface was fantastic as the riders were able to ride different lines on the high banked corners throughout the night.

   Dustin Lambert continued his strong season in the Intermediate classes as he took the victory once again in both the DTX and Open races. Lambert made it look easy in the DTX race as he led from start to finish with Rod Scott and Boyd Deadman rounding out the top three. The Open race was a different story however as Deadman grabbed the early lead and tried to stretch it out on the field. Lambert spent the majority of the race hunting down Deadman and with a few laps to go he made the decisive move for the win. Shortly after Lambert got by, Scott made the move on Deadman as well and the final finishing order was the same as in the DTX race.

Expert DTX action was all Dustin Brown as the reigning champ led from start to finish. Tyler Seguin was second for the whole affair while Chris Evans briefly held onto third. Three laps in Jimmy McCullough made the move past Evans and this made the final finishing order Brown, Seguin, and then McCullough.

   Expert Open action saw Brown once again jump to the front which was bad news for the rest of the field. Dave Pouliot briefly held onto second before Seguin made his way past which shuffled Pouliot back to third. The running order stayed like that until Hunter Bauer made his way past Pouliot on lap eight to take over third place and at that point he looked pretty safe in that position. McCullough had other ideas however as he was now possibly the fastest rider on the track as he was looking to make up from a sub-par start as he waited for his rear tire to warm up and gain traction. At the start of lap 10 McCullough used a lapped rider to his advantage in corner one as he ducked underneath and forced Bauer to the high side of the slower rider. McCullough took over third at this point and never looked back with the final order at the line being Brown, Seguin, and then McCullough.

   Brown appears to be well on his way to another Open Expert Championship as he has now won four of the first five races. The next chance our riders will have to look for a chink in the Champ’s armour will be September 14th at Georgian Downs for round six of the national series.

Photography by S.Lauwers Photo

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