I Want to Race! Where to start..

If you are just starting out in Flat Track, you may never always be sure where to start. Hopefully this page can send you in the right directions.

First of all you can decide if you’d like to take a School or if you have a bike already and want to get started by just practicing or racing.

If the school is your option, visit www.goflattrack.com , for information on dates and availability. They have the equipment and bikes necessary to get your feet wet and try the sport. They also teach a very comprehensive course that will improve your riding skills regardless of the application.

The next option is to start practicing or racing in our different classes. Most of our racers generally start at the age of 4 years old and up. They choose flat track racing as an alternative to hockey or baseball. Flat Track racing tends to be very safe and affordable for young family. None of the machinery requires special modifications or tires and typically a PW50 shaft starts at price of $400. The most affordable and non-intimidating way to start for someone over the age of 13 is to ride the MAD DOG class at our regional races.

If you are interested in building a flattracker or you own one and are not sure about the setup. Please feel free to contact Brian Olsen (647) 284 4321 or Steve Beattie from 26 Suspension (586) 909 0633.

Most newcomers tend to purchase or convert a 450cc motocross bike into a 450 DTX. You basically just need to lower the suspension and almost any bike shop can do so. The next step is to lace up a 19 wheel to your existing front hub. Remove the front brake caliper and lever and voila, you’re ready to roll.

The rules page will give you in depth knowledge on what requirements are necessary for racing.

The following are contacts for various needs in flat track;

Flat Track tires– Brian Olsen (647) 284 4321 – Georgetown, On

Suspension conversion for Flat Track –
Steve Beattie of 26 Suspension 226-932-1459
sbeattie26@me.com – Petrolia, On



Benny Else (905) 979 8698 – Ancaster, On


Flat Track Race Frames-

Cheney Racing Parts/ Frames (Texas) – http://www.flattrackaccessories.com

Panther Racing Frames (British Columbia) – https://www.facebook.com/Panther-Frames-1267151126691657/

Curtis Racing Frames (Ontario) – http://curtisracingframes.com/

J&M Frames (Maryland) – http://www.jandmracingproducts.com/products.htm

Trackmaster Frames (California) – http://www.trackmasterracingframes.com/

www.flattrack.com , classifieds forum


www.vft.org , vintage flat track forum, has numerous bikes listed from old to new


www.flattrackcanada.com classifieds forum

https://www.facebook.com/groups/149624328452712/ is a facebook page, locals generally tend to sell their used parts on there.


https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackLive – Flat Track Live

http://thefastanddirty.com/flat-track-racing/ – Cool Flat Track Media Site

http://www.amaproracing.com/ft/ – AMA PRO FLAT TRACK

http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/racing/ – AMA Amateur Racing

http://motorcycling.ca/ – MCC

http://www.canadianspeedway.com/ – Canadian Speedway

http://www.thunderfest.ca/ – Leamington & Wheatly Flat Track events

www.parisspeedway.ca – Regional races in Ontario

http://insidemotorcycles.com/search.html?searchword=flattrack&ordering=&searchphrase=all – Inside Motorcycles / Flat Track articles

http://dtxbarcelona.com/ – Spain’s big Flat Track Race

http://www.troybaylissevents.com/tbc.html – Australia’s big Flat Track race

http://www.avfta.ca/ – Alberta’s Vintage Flat Track Association