Green Lights Flashed For The First Time in Nearly Two Years At Welland County Speedway.


For the first time in nearly two years the green light flashed in the Flat Track Canada series as Welland County Speedway played host to the first national race in Canada since 2019. With the weather and track conditions virtually perfect for racing, fans were treated to an incredible night of action packed racing.

With the return of former Flat Track Canada champions Don Taylor and Doug Lawrence to the national series, the Expert ranks boasted an amazing amount of talent as they joined former Canadian champions Chris Evans, Tyler Seguin, Dustin Brown and Brodie Buchan. Also making an appearance on this night was young Hunter Bauer who has been taking part in the American Flat Track series riding for NKR Canada/Waters Autobody Racing.

First up for the Experts was the DTX class and it was evident early on that fans were in for a treat. Taylor led the first lap with Lawrence and Bauer in tow as Brown found himself in unfamiliar territory outside of the top three. For the next three laps those three swapped positions before Taylor finally took a stranglehold on the top position. As Bauer and Lawrence battled for second place, Brown was fighting hard to get into the top three. With six laps to go Brown made his way past Lawrence but that was where his climb towards the top would stop as the finishing order was Taylor, Bauer and then Brown.

In the Open Expert race there were a few different players in the mix early on but the racing was equally exciting. Taylor once again grabbed the lead off the start while Brown, Buchan, Bauer and Lawrence were close behind. Lap three saw Buchan slide into second and one lap later he would grab the top position which he would hold onto for three laps. Taylor made his way back around Buchan on lap seven and one lap later Bauer would relegate Buchan to third. As Buchan was trying his best to hold off Brown, Bauer was now engaged in a fist fight with Taylor. With Taylor doing a good job of holding the inside line, Bauer was riding the outside for several laps and despite many attempts not getting completely past Taylor. With four laps to go Bauer changed his strategy and dropped to the bottom of the track catching Taylor by surprise. Bauer held Taylor at bay for the rest of the race winning his first Expert race in Canada with Taylor close behind and Brown rounding out the top three.

The Intermediate class turned into the Boyd Deadman show as despite never actually getting the holeshot in either race, Deadman made decisive moves on lap one in each race and then utilized his smooth riding style to open up a gap on the field on his way to the checkers. In the DTX race there was a tremendous battle waged behind Deadman between Phil Little, Shane Corbeil, Tyler Brown and Taia Little. Despite being pushed into the wall at one point Taia Little kept the throttle twisted and would follow Deadman across the line followed by Brown. In the Intermediate Open race early leader was former speedway ace Jeff Orosz before Deadman made his move to the front. Also having a good start were Jesse Isherwood and Taia Little while Logan Wilson was trying to make his way towards the front of the field. While Deadman marched his way to the checkers, Orosz had a great ride to finish second while Isherwood did a great job holding off Little for third.

Novice action saw Tyler Thompson the king of the holeshot as he led the field early on in both finals. Adrian St. Amand was in hot pursuit and at one point in the DTX race made heavy contact with Thompson’s back wheel and was fortunate not to go down. Thompson would hold on for the victory while St. Amand would finish close behind. In the Open race, St. Amand would take the victory despite Thompson being the early leader.

Next action for the Flat Track Canada series is August 14th at Humberstone Speedway. More information can be found at

Results Continued:

250 Youth – 1st Liam Caskie, 2nd Seth Little, 3rd Christopher Pittaway

85cc – 1st Seth Little, 2nd Liam Caskie, 3rd Kaleb Hunt

50cc – 1st Ace Simiana, 2nd Tye Marceau, 3rd Stellie Dela Durawtay

Veteran – 1st Jeff Orosz, 2nd Glen Brown, 3rd Brent Thompson

Vintage Lites – 1st Seth Little, 2nd Glen Brown, 3rd AJ Simiana

Vintage Open – 1st Justin Crumb, 2nd Alex Olsen, 3rd Tyler Brown

ATV Youth – 1st Nate Joiner, 2nd Sadie Gibson, 3rd Savannah Boothby

ATV Open – 1st Kris Boothby, 2nd Chuck Graham, 3rd Mickie Vance

ATV Production – 1st Kris Boothby, 2nd Chuck Graham, 3rd Mickie Vance


To catch the Full Race Replay check out Flo Racing HERE 


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