Flat Track vs. Mother Nature

 Round One Kicks Off at the Hippodrome 3R

  Mother Nature took a big swing at the opening round of the Harley Davidson Flat Track Canada Nationals Presented by Parts Canada, held at the Hippodrome 3R but was unable to deliver a knockout blow. After getting rained out on Saturday just prior to finishing the heat races, the event was continued on Sunday with the running of the final remaining heat race and the main event for all classes.
   Looking to start 2018 right where he left off last season, two-time Expert DTX champion Brodie Buchan raced to the front in the DTX final on Sunday. While Dave Pouliot challenged from the second position, Buchan had the smoothest line through the corners on his Buchan Racing Honda which allowed him to take the victory. Pouliot laid claim to the number two position at the line while sophomore Expert Dustin Brown grabbed third on the Sehl Racing Yamaha.

When it was time to dish out the bonus money in the Dash for Cash, Buchan suffered from a horrible start and was left trying to chase down the field from the back of the pack. Pouliot meanwhile had put his JPR Racing Kawasaki into the lead and made it stick as he grabbed the checkers in the four lap sprint. Oliver Beliveau Gagnon took home second place cash while Brown had to settle for third. Of note in the Dash was crowd favorite Dominic Beaulac dropping out of the race on his 650.

When the field rolled out for the Open Expert main the crowd was buzzing. Beaulac had switched bikes for the race and because of that he would be starting from the back row. Despite this handicap, many in the crowd fully expected Beaulac to charge through the field to challenge for the victory. Pouliot had other ideas however and when the lights went green he quickly made his way out front to set the pace. Within a couple of laps the field had spread out a bit with Pouliot still out front and Buchan trying to mount a charge from the second position. About the halfway mark Buchan got within seven or eight bike lengths of the leader but a few laps later Pouliot had once again opened the gap a little more. Meanwhile Gagnon was in third but had his hands full trying to fight off Brown. Lap after lap Brown would close the gap coming out of turn two and on a couple of occasions came within inches of making contact with the number 25 bike. When the checkers flew it was Pouliot taking a very popular victory followed by reigning champion Buchan. Gagnon managed to hold off Brown at the line to take third.

The DTX Intermediate race was one of the best of the night. Early leader was road racer Alex Dumas but he was barely out front of a pack of five riders all within striking distance. Charging from the back row at this point was rookie Intermediate rider Hunter Bauer riding a bike loaned to him by Kevin Pouliot. With a couple of laps to go Bauer made an outside pass for the lead and never looked back. Dumas held on for second while Jarrett Phibbs won the fist fight for third.

Photo by Morgan Telford

Open Intermediate was scripted much the same as Bauer again charged from the back on Pouliot’s bike to take the victory courtesy of some brave moves at the top of the track. Dumas grabbed another second place while Gabriel Beaulac crossed the line in third.

Big winner on the night in the Novice classes was Felix Dandurand as he took the victory in both the Open and DTX races. Gabriel Boisvert and Boyd Deadman had good nights as well as they both grabbed a second and a third place finish between the two races.

Fans were entertained before the races courtesy of Harley Davidson and the Tail Pipe party. With demo rides, giveaways and other fun stuff on hand, Harley Davidson made sure everybody left the party with a smile.

To check out the point standings click here.


Open Expert

  1. #16 Dave Pouliot
  2. #1 Brodie Buchan
  3. #25 Oliver Beliveur Gagnon
  4. #91 Dustin Brown
  5. #22 Tyler Seguin
  6. #30 Dominic Beaulac
  7. #61B Brandom Newman
  8. #24 Fred Duchesneau
  9. #17 William Bellarose

DTX Expert

  1. #1 Brodie Buchan
  2. #16 Dave Pouliot
  3. #91 Dustin Brown
  4. #24 Fred Duchesneau
  5. #17 William Bellarose
  6. #13
  7. #98 Shawn Ford

Open Intermediate

  1. #24 Hunter Bauer
  2. #23T Alex Dumas
  3. #23 Gabriel Beaulac
  4. #90 Jarrett Phibbs
  5. #69 Kyle Sheppard
  6. #9 Jimmy McCullough
  7. #14 Hugo Fournier
  8. # 82 Shane Corbeil
  9. #777 Raphael Bouchard

DTX Intermediate

  1. #24 Hunter Bauer
  2. #23T Alex Dumas
  3. #90 Jarrett Phibbs
  4. #9 Jimmy McCullough
  5. #69 Kyle Sheppard
  6. #14 Hugo Fournier
  7. #777 Raphael Bouchard
  8. #82 Shane Corbeil

Open Novice

  1. #31 Felix Dandurand
  2. #13 Boyd Deadman
  3. #12 Gabriel Boisvert
  4. #11 Dylan Biekx
  5. #48 Jacob Rainville
  6. #14 Teagan Deadman
  7. #11T Taia Little
  8. #33 Sean Mathison
  9. #70Q Maxime Soucy
  10. #846 Benjamin Martineau

DTX Novice

  1. #31 Felix Dandurand
  2. #12 Gabriel Boisvert
  3. #13 Boyd Deadman
  4. #11 Dylan Biekx
  5. #48 Jacob Rainville
  6. #138 Mathew Guimont
  7. #53 Jonathan Cote
  8. #33 Sean Mathison
  9. #14 Teagan Deadman DNS


  1. #38
  2. #234 Gabriel DeLaDuraetye
  3. #138 Guy Caron
  4. #34 Marc LeBeau DNF

ATV Amatuer

  1. #45 Jean-Martin De Carufel
  2. #55 Pierre Ayotte
  3. #21 Thomas Gagne
  4. #2222 Vincent Bouldeau
  5. #15 Pierre-Eric Gauthier
  6. #69 Patrick Goulet
  7. #25 Michael Marcote
  8. #16 Jean-Phillipe Moreau
  9. #76 Luc Michaud
  10. 10.#18 Francis Morel DNR
  11. #329 Samuel Doucet DNR


  1. #14 Tomy Boisvert
  2. #911 Dany Fiset
  3. #91 Jasmin Plante
  4. #80 Patrick Bonin
  5. #88 Chenier Jr Michel
  6. #164 Anthony Beliveau
  7. #78 Francis Massicotte
  8. #5x Kristopher Tousigrant
  9. #27 David Sylvetre

ATV Production

  1. #911 Dany Fiset
  2. #27 David Sylvetre
  3. #164 Anthony Beliveau
  4. #87 Francis Massicotte

Vintage Mod

  1. #33 Sean Mathison
  2. #11t Taia Little
  3. #94 Adrian St. Amand
  4. #234 Gabriel DeLaDuraetye
  5. #19 Gen Brown

250 Novice

  1. #11t Taia Little
  2. #94 Adrian St. Amand


  1. #70 Seth Little
  2. #30

50 Chain

  1. #12 Riley Cote
  2. #41 Brody Hazel






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