Fall Sky Delight with Spectacular Racing at the Old Shannonville Race Track.

   Flat Track Canada headed to Bayside Traiblazer park just east of Belleville for round four of the 2021 National series. Under a beautiful fall sky, the riders on hand put on another amazing show for the excited fans that were present.

DTX Expert Photo by: Don Empy

   Expert DTX action saw youngster Hunter Bauer wax the field when the lights turned green. Grabbing the lead early, Bauer stretched out a gap on the rest of the riders, nodding his head approvingly when he took the checkers by a large margin ahead of the rest of the field. Dustin Brown was in second place briefly before being overtaken by a handful of riders. There was a race long battle between Tyler Seguin and Dave Pouliot for second place with Pouliot edging ahead a few times but Seguin ultimately being in front every time they crossed the line. Results at the checkers were Bauer, Seguin and then Pouliot.

#24 Hunter Bauer/ #22 Tyler Seguin/ #16 Dave Pouliot Photo By: Don Empy

   In the Expert Open race it looked like Bauer was looking to repeat as he took the lead off the start once again and would lead the first 15 laps. In the meantime Brown had a horrible start and found himself in fifth on the opening lap. As battles ensued for virtually every position, Brown was on a methodical march forward sliding onto second on lap eight before making the move for the win past Bauer on lap 16. Seguin was doing everything he could at this point to hold off Pouliot but with two laps to go Pouliot took over third for good. Top three at the finish were Brown, Bauer and Pouliot. A few Expert riders from Quebec made the journey with the top result being Gabriel Boisvert in fifth while Fred Duchesneau would have to settle for sixth. Former champion Brodie Buchan had a rough day as midway through the race he ended up completely sidewise on the front straight and only heavy contact with Cody Marentette kept him on his machine.

#1 Dustin Brown Photo By: Don Empy
#49 Brodie Buchan/ #16 Dave Pouliot Photo By: Don Empy
#112 Cody Marrentette

   The Intermediate classes once again belonged to Boyd Deadman as he would lead both main events from start to finish. Rod Scott held second place briefly in the Open race until Tyler Brown made his way past. As this was happening Taia Little was having a stellar run from a back row starting position and on the last lap made a decisive move on Brown for second shuffling Brown back to third. DTX action saw Little in second place behind Deadman the whole race while Scott and Brown went at it for third. Lap six saw Sam Gagne seemingly come out of nowhere to pass the two riders ahead of him for third and at the finish it was Deadman, Little and then Gagne.

#13 Boyd Deadman Photo By: Don Empy
#11t Taia Little Photo By: Don Empy

   Novice action saw Adrian St. Amand take the victory in both classes but he had to work for it as Tyler Thompson grabbed the lead in both races off the start. In the Open race Thompson looked to have second place locked up until Keaton Denstedt slipped by on the last lap while in the DTX race Thompson was able to hold onto second ahead of Eric Orosz.

#94 Adrian St. Amand Photo By: Don Empy

   Brent Thompson nailed the holeshot on all three starts in in a rough VET final allowing him to grab the checkered flag for the second week in a row. Rick Gunby and local club member Rick Jones would follow Thompson across the line in second and third respectively. Justin Crumb would lead the Vintage Open Final from start to finish and on lap three Rick Jones made his way past Glen Brown for second. Vintage Lights saw Brown grab another podium as he took second place behind race winner Seth Little and ahead of third place finisher Abi Harrett. ATV Open action was all Peter Grisson as he took the lead on lap two and rode his monster machine to victory in front of the delighted fans.

#233 Brent Thompson Photo By: Don Empy
Veteran Class Photo By: Don Empy
#19 Glen Brown/ #13 Seth Little Photo By: Don Empy
#66 Peter Grison Photo By: Don Empy

   Local rider Kaleb Hunt took a commanding victory in the 65cc class with Jameson Andrews taking second place over Wyatt Gibson. Liam Caskie was on rails all day as the youngster took convincing wins in both the Youth 250 class and the 85cc class. Following Caskie across the line in both races were Seth Little in second followed by Kaleb Hunt in third.

#46 Jameson Andrews Photo By: Don Empy

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ATV Start Photo By: Don Empy

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