2020 Flat Track Canada Memberships

Please purchase membership based on your club affiliation.

ie. Riding in Ontario -> FTC membership. Riding in Quebec-> Flat Track Quebec Membership, ECT.

To ensure your membership if filled out correctly, please follow the link to sign waiver accordingly. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD IF WAIVER IS NOT FILLED OUT!

2020 Flat Track Canada Membership

Competition Member $85 per calendar year

What do I receive with my membership? & Why should I join?

-One year subscription to Inside Motorcycles
-An Access card for automated & computerized sign up
-Transponder systems for live timing and scoring *Expert Classes & Nationals only
-Privileges to pit access
-Representation to the Motorcyclist Confederation of Canada which affects all levels of Government, Legislation and the Industry
-An informative source in the Flat Track community
-Benefits from strategic and technological advances, that Flat Track Canada invests in for the sport’s future
-National and International advertising and brand recognition of Canadian Flat Track awareness
-Unity and integration through various groups, clubs and promoters throughout all of Canada thus consistency of all operations and resources