Results From May.18th – A New Series Kicks Off

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It was a beautiful night and a new start of a Canadian Flattrack Series. A lot of hard work by many drew a large rider turnout and what seemed to be a decent crowd for FTC’s first ever event. Having the racing on a long weekend was a gamble but it didn’t seem to stop the curiosity of most on how operations would be handled. FTC made a large amount of changes comparing to the traditional flat track series ran in Canada. FTC wanted a drastic change to help make things more interesting, and more interesting things were! The classes, the format, even the starts and the rules were a major stumbling block for everyone. One thing it did create was excitement. Every heat race in the Open classes seemed like features, riders battling hard start to finish, just having hopes to make a spot in the final. “I was so nervous to do well in a heat race, which usually means nothing, but this format makes people ride hard regardless of who they are” says Don Taylor.

The first round, we all saw a great battle between rookie expert, 19 year old Brandon Seguin from Welland, ON, and 17 year old Flyin’ Ryan Wells, from Albion, NY. Edging out neck and neck it seemed like these two kids were going to be the one’s to beat. Kyle Legault and Quebec’s Fred Duchesneau went down in turn one without a restart leaving them with no points in the first round and finding themselves to give it their all for round 2. Chris Evans the reigning CMA Champion looked in fine form coming out on top with strong win over Nick Wenzler and Doug Beattie.

In the Open AM class we seen strong wins from Sean Hoy, Lenny Munroe, and 4’11, 14 year Brodie Buchan who showed everyone he can handle the 450 in style.

During the night there was awesome racing from some kids on their 50’s, with long straights and tight corners, the 50’s were all sliding through the corners. In a few year time some of these guys will be winning the Open Expert Features. Boyd Deadman is a boy on fire and will be one to watch out for picking up a win in the 50 chain and second on the 65. Brandon Keys with his family relatively new to racing adapted well to his 50 chain bike, taking home a second with his first race aboard the new bike. Adrian St. Amand took his first win of the year home in 50 shaft.

Were very excited to see the growth in popularity in the girls taking part in the youth classes as well.

Steve Ball took home the Vet title over 63 year old Rick Gunby. Rick has returned to flat track after a 10 year break but has raced for over 30 years and says he’s a full time Vet rider for 2013. We welcome him back and proud to have a Canadian Flat Track icon like him around.

In ATV Steve LaGro dominated the field while Stephane Martin had an early day after he blew his motor. In the final Jay Stys slipped back to a surprising 4th, Brett and Kieth Noble finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The speedway class seen the return of Kyle Legault and John Kehoe. Legault absolutely flying and being an absolute entertainment to see him ride, unbelievable!

The Second round seen 16 year old Tyler Seguin show he’s ready to take home a championship on the Kurt Biegger’s Race machine. Doug Lawrence came out with a win, and Ryan Wells with another. Unfortunately for Don Talyor, he collided with Corey Crawford in his heat both of them getting back up and racing down the straight away hanging off their bikes for the 5th place finish.

The finals of the Open AM were shaped up to be an exciting race with 12 guys on the start… As they rushed around on lap 3, John Jarvie had to check up coming out of turn 4, leaving him the option of laying the bike down… Unfortunately for Nathan Hammond who was right on Jarvie, had no choice but to drive over top of Jarvie. The outcome smashing Hammond face first into the ground at top speed. This made the ambulance take extra precaution causing an hour delay. Hammond suffered a fractured shoulder blade and Jarvie a light concussion.

With the poor lighting at the facility the race organizer felt it was too dangerous to continue with very little sunlight left. Therefore calling the event leading up to the final race. “It kills us to call the event, however we don’t want to risk safety, we feel more clear conscious with ourselves making this choice, over allowing someone to race in unsafe conditions. Future note we’ll start events with no lighting earlier & the Open Expert points will be awarded from their heat races”, says Aaron Hesmer of FTC.

“We proudly thank everyone for joining the event and to everyone who helped out and dedicated their time.  A special thanks to the Vallee family who spent their Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday nights helping make the event happen.”



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