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March 26 2014 Cambridge, On – Flat Track Canada is pleased to announce the new changes in class structure for 2014. The changes will be in place for the opening race at The Paris Speedway Half Mile, Saturday May.17th, at the Paris Fairgrounds in Paris Ontario.

The changes come at an exciting time in flat track racing. “We designed the structure to build an even playing field for riders as we start to develop the series. We are adding more venues that are larger in size, therefore bike size and design start to become an advantage or even a disadvantage. We are also trying to increase industry involvement in the sport and we have to consider pride and motorcycle sales go hand and hand. We are seeing a very rapid increase of growth and popularity of the sport but also a changing demographic. A major part of our rider base is between the ages of 4 and 15 years old, therefore the natural progression has to be at pace in class structure,” states Aaron Hesmer, president of Flat Track Canada.

The idea is to develop a production bike class, which allows current day offroad bikes to be converted to flat track style bikes aka DTX. Typically an example of this would be a modern KX450F be converted by lowering the suspension, changing the tires and losing the front brake mechanism. The Open class will stay the same and in hopes to shine light on the former glory of flat track. Generally you’ll see purpose built frame bikes running the open class filled with engines like the Harley XR750, the Kawasaki 650, or KTM’s 990. The big tracks with big engines are really impressive to see, but the sports growth comes thanks to the ease of building a DTX.

Class structure for 2014:

Open Expert

Open Intermediate

Open Novice

Production Frame Expert

Production Frame Intermediate

Production Frame Novice

250 Novice

Vet 40 +

Vintage (pre 90’s era)

Open ATV

ATV Youth

85cc Youth

65 Youth

50 Chain (ages 5 – 9)

50 Shaft (ages 4 – 8)



The simplicity and value of entertainment of flat track are obvious reasons that the sport is growing in popularity. Our job at Flat Track Canada is expose the sport and show people what it really has to offer. The sport is rich in history and has a culture that is second to none.
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