Muggy Temperatures Lead to Some Hot Racing!

   Saturday July 23 saw Flamboro Downs play host to round three of the 2022 Flat Track Canada series. With hot and muggy temperatures at the forefront, both riders and their machines were put to the test in front of the enthusiastic crowd.

   The Open Expert class almost seemed like a throwback to yesteryear as the field contained several Rotax powered machines as well as an XR 750 being ridden by Dominic Beaulac. As the field assembled on the starting line and awaited the green light however, many eyes were on the number 16 machine of Dave Pouliot. Pouliot’s bike had broken in his heat race, and although it was apparent he had the speed to run up front, he would be starting at the back of the pack and it remained to be seen whether his repaired bike would hold together for 20 laps

   When the lights flashed green it was Brandon Seguin who surprised many and jumped to the front of the pack with an absolutely perfect start while Hunter Bauer slid into second on a Rotax borrowed from Scott Sehl. Lap two saw Bauer shuffle past Seguin into the lead and at that point the Seguin brothers were both running in the top three as Tyler was looking solid in third. Meanwhile Pouliot was carving his way through the pack and after running in fourth for a couple of laps he followed Tyler Seguin around Brandon Seguin on lap nine. Just one lap later Pouliot made his way past the 22 machine into second and although Bauer had built up a comfortable lead, it was very apparent that Pouliot was the fastest bike on the track at this point. As Bauer’s ride started to lose power, Pouliot continued his relentless charge to the front and made the pass for the lead on lap 16. Pouliot would never look back and would cross the line for his second consecutive victory four laps later with Bauer holding onto second and Tyler Seguin rounding out the top three.

   Rookie Expert Boyd Deadman turned some heads in the DTX class when he jumped to the front of the pack early on. Bauer found himself in second while Brandon Newman was briefly in third before that position was captured by Pouliot. Lap four saw Pouliot move from third to first and over the next several laps the number 16 machine built a huge lead over the pack fighting behind him. With just a few laps remaining, disaster struck for Pouliot as he low sided in turn four while all alone out front. Although Pouliot was able to take the restart, the crash put him out of contention and after a couple of bobbled starts, it was Bauer taking the victory ahead of Newman and Deadman.

   Tyler Seguin also got a chance to carry the checkered flag on this night as he came out on top in the Dash for Cash. In the quick four lap sprint that contained fast qualifiers Bauer, Beaulac, Brandon Seguin, Newman, and Trent Pickle, Seguin put in a spirited ride on his way to the lion’s share of the purse.

   Intermediate DTX action was a barnburner once again and much like a couple of weeks ago Dylan Biekx found herself starting at the back after being penalized. Biekx channelled her aggression and on lap five made the move past Rod Scott into second behind early leader Felix Dandurand. Three laps later Biekx made the pass for the lead in front of the appreciative crowd and would take the checkers in front of Dandurand and Scott. Biekx was hoping to double up on victories on the night but in the Open Intermediate race Scott had a different scenario in mind. While Biekx was able to get into second ahead of Dandurand, She could never make a move for the lead as Scott didn’t put a wheel wrong the whole race on his way to the win.

   Novice action turned into the Liam Caskie show as the youngster put in a couple of beautiful rides to the checkers despite almost having his front wheel knocked out from under him at the start of the Open race. Seth Little grabbed a couple of podiums as well as he grabbed a well-deserved second place in DTX action while finishing just behind Alex Beaulac in the Open race to grab third. Kyle Steele rounded out the podium in DTX action and it should be noted that Beaulac’s ride to second in the Open race was the first time he had ever raced a Rotax.

   Peter Grison once again dominated ATV action on his R1 powered monster, leaving Brandon Doucette, David English and Jay Wayne left to fight for the scraps behind him.

If you missed the live action, you can now watch the replay on Fanschoice HERE!

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