LAST chance for Flat Track School in 2014

With the weather turning into full blown fall, October 18th will be the LAST chance to get in the Flat Track School hosted at the Paris Fairgrounds.  This school is for you, be it your first time on the track, or a regular racer, this course will teach you what you need to know about the track and the bike.  All while having fun with your friends.

The agenda for the day is straight forward. We will have a group discussion about the bikes and how to control them on the track. Once finished with the intro, we will have you suit up and head on the track in groups of four. Our instructors will be on the track to watch and help guide. Once everyone has had a turn on the track we will break and have a more in depth discussion about riding, and so fourth.  Around 4pm the track will be open to “dial in” what you’ve learned from the day.
We have 250cc and 450cc to choose from. You must bring your own helmet.  We always suggest to bring what you have in regards to gear. Boots, motocross gear, road racing gear.   If you don’t have any gear, we can get you covered with all our THOR gear supplied by Parts Canada.
Email us at to sign up today!
Or you can call us at 226-203-2100


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