June 22nd Race Results

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June 22nd Once again another race night in threat of weather, it was a race to finish before ten o’clock before a forecasted storm would wash out the evening. Well ten o’clock was doable and races stayed on schedule.

The night started off with a bang or thunder I should say, having a twins class race join the evening. It was definitely something to see and we can’t wait to see them return again soon. When the 750 Harley’s roll around rumbling the track with non stop action, it left the fans craving for more. Mike Labelle who has been on a two year leave from riding, brought his Kawasaki versi twin to an early lead, unfortunately being over taken by Doug Lawrence and Chris Evans with their Harley’s.

Boyd Deadman seen another win the 50 chain for 4 weeks straight, however a surprise second from Mitchell Tinney shows that he’s ready to start taking on more podium’s. Magurie and Madeson Scott brought home a 1 and 2 finish in 50 shaft, by brother and sister which I’m sure Canadian Flattrack has never seen before.

65cc- Hunter Bauer and Boyd Deadman take home first and second again. New upcoming rider Jacob Rainville came out with a promising 3rd and looks fast coming from a racing family. Dustin Brown outshined his brother Tyler for the first time in the 85cc class.

Open Amateur final seemed like it would be a good battle between Hoy and Corbeil for the points lead, Hoy came out on top with his first main event win of the season but it was Josh Barrick & Josh Dolan that have their home track dialed and are tough to beat. Corbeil the current leader came to the checkered flag with a fourth place finish, giving Sean Hoy a 5 point gap between him and Shane Corbeil.

The Open Expert final was a 15 lapper where the leader would be entering turn 3 while last place was coming out of 2. Fifteen top notch riders qualified from the twenty five rider field to walk out for their main event to ride wheel to wheel start to finish. The race started out as early leader Jeff Seguin looked like he was in control to win. At the half way point Doug Beattie applied pressure and took the lead bringing Chris Evans along with him. Battles were all around but the race the night was for 11th,12th, and 13th place which looked like an average pro singles podium which seen a race between Cody Johncox, Ryan Wells & Mike Labelle. With the win by Doug Beattie, he now leads the Flattrack Canada Race Series in Points and there’s only 7 points which separates the top 4 leaders after half way through the series!

Another exciting night of racing had heat races where guys would battle hard just to make sure they had a spot in the Open Expert main event.  A win wouldn’t guarantee entry into the final where this was apparent from a few riders. Ryan Wells is a good example, he entered the night as the points leader, had a win and a fifth. The fifth place finish just edged him out of a top spot, landing him into the LCQ. He qualified as a top from the LCQ which gave Ryan a back row start. The format proves that not only the competition is tough here in Canada, but you have to be on your game every night, every heat, and every final. The result- the best racing Canada has to offer, and what does that really say? Most people who really know dirt track racing say that the quality of racing was comparable to any Grand National Dirt Track event. An affordable series with good quality tracks, good quality riders with a tight entertaining show… sounds like we’re on to something.


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