Flat Track Stars of Tomorrow


It’s back for the second year.  The Motorcycle Springshow will be featuring the Flat Track Stars of Tomorrow! Where the ‘up and comers’ in flat track racing have the opportunity to promote themselves.

The Flat Track Racing Stars of Tomorrow program’s objective is to give talented young riders the guidance and exposure to carry the sport and their own careers to the next level.We are asking racers to submit resumes that will go through a selection process considering more than just race results. Ten racers will be selected; the racers/teams will be sponsored with $5500.00 worth of Motorcycle Springshow exhibit space where they will represent themselves and the sport. Typically their displays include bikes, gear, awards and a profile for their sponsors. Kids and parents can meet these racers and get valuable information on how to get into the sport, the racers are encouraged to use the opportunity to ‘woo’ potential sponsors they may be courting at the time. It’s quite an impact the whole display makes as it becomes an overall 20′ x 50′ city of pure Flat Track Racing. Add live stage presentations of these riders with interviews on the ‘Racer Stage’ and the whole program becomes a feature of the Motorcycle Springshow.

The concept doesn’t end there, through seminars and one on one meeting’s with industry professionals, the racers will gain valuable information on the work ethic necessary to solicit, secure and retain sponsors to further their careers.

So what we need you to do is send your resumes to Info@flattrackcanada.com and let us know why YOU should be picked to be an Ambassador for Flat Track Stars of Tomorrow. Resumes should include past racing experience/accomplishments, what your goals are for the future, if you have current sponsors, make sure you include them too. Remember this opportunity is to represent yourself and Flat Track racing, so make sure you and your parents are free April 8th-10th.
All resumes should be submitted by March 7th 2015 as we will be choosing the 10 riders that will represent Flat Track Racing on March 11th 2015!!!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Good Luck!



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