Dunlop Contingency


2015 Dunlop  Contingency Postings – Flat Track Canada







Total $$


Per Class

X 11 Rounds

Per Day


Open Expert







DTX Expert







Open Intermediate








DTX Intermediate








Total 2015 Flat Track Canada Dunlop Postings =



  1. All awards are Certificates issued by Dunlop in Buffalo, NY.
  2. Certificates will be issued by Dunlop ONLY on receipt of Official Results from the Sanctioning Body.
  3. Certificates must be redeemed at Pro 6 Cycle & Brian Olsen Racing Products
  4. Competitors participating in this program must purchase tires from Pro 6 Cycle or Brian Olsen Racing Services.
  5. Competitors must display a Dunlop Decal on each side of the motorcycle swingarm or rear fender and a Vertical Dunlop
      Decal on each side of the front forks.
  6. Competitors must wear a Dunlop patch on leathers.
  7. Dunlop must be listed as a Sponsor on rider’s entry form.
  8. Certificates will be issued ONLY when races have a minimum of 6 starters.
  9. Riders must complete a Dunlop Contingency Claim Form on the day of the race. Race officials must verify this form.