Close Racing and Packed House for Round Two

Welland County Speedway hosted round two of the Harley Davidson Canada Flat Track Canada series and they proved to be very good hosts indeed. With Hills Productions providing a live stream for the event and with the help of Flat Track Live, an extra buzz was felt at the track right from opening ceremonies. Perhaps hoping to put on a good show for the added audience on the internet, the riders in every class put on an amazing show in front of a packed house. Check out the full show below!


In the Expert DTX class, Brodie Buchan rode the momentum of a heat race win to grab the hole shot on his Buchan Racing Honda when the light went green in the final. Buchan’s lead was short lived however as Tyler Seguin made the pass for first as the duo were crossing the line to finish lap one. At this point Don Taylor was in third but was feeling the heat from grizzled veteran Chris Evans who was in fourth. As Seguin was checking out at the front of the pack on his Evans Racing Honda, Evans made his move on lap five diving under Taylor in turn two. Next on the hit list for Evans was Buchan, and he made his move in turn three driving under the reigning champion as Buchan was searching for traction. Buchan continued to fight for traction and ultimately fell victim to Taylor with just a couple of laps to go. Final finishing order was Seguin, Evans and then Taylor.

Next up for the Experts was the Dash for Cash with pride and some bonus money on the line. Once again it was Buchan grabbing the hole shot, but once again it was short lived as both Evans and Seguin made impressive passes going into turn two. As the four lap dash went by quickly, Dustin Brown on the Sehl Racing Yamaha made his way past Buchan on lap three and held on for third behind Evans in first and Seguin in third.

Buchan made it three for three on starts as he and Clayton Isherwood led the hungry pack into turn one in the Open Expert final. Isherwood then fell victim to the lack of traction up high, and Seguin took the opportunity to slip past both him and Buchan in turn two. One lap later Buchan was shuffled back again as American Harley Davidson sponsored Evans made his move as he exited turn two. Now in hot pursuit of Seguin, Evans first attempt at a pass for the lead failed as the back end of his machine stepped out in turn two. Lap six saw Evans finally able to make his move stick and once again the action took place in the second turn. Meanwhile, as Evans made his way past Seguin, there was a three way fistfight for third between Buchan, Taylor, and Matty Ward. Taylor staked his claim on third in lap eight but at this point Evans and Seguin had a healthy gap on the rest of the field. Lap 14 saw Seguin gather up some real estate and pull beside Evans in turn one to retake the lead, but the two circulated the final lap within inches of each other with Evans holding on to take the victory at the line. Taylor was free and clear at this point and held on for a distant third place on his KBR Honda.


Intermediate DTX saw Josh Barrick win the drag race into turn one but he was quickly passed by KBR rider Hunter Bauer and Jimmy McCullough as the leaders entered turn three. While Bauer was fighting for traction out front, McCullough was keeping his wheels in line and made a daring outside pass for the lead in turn four just a couple of laps later. The rest of the race saw McCullough protecting his lines smartly on his Ted Townsend Yamaha, while Bauer spun up the rear tire trying to keep pace. Finishing order was McCullough, Bauer, and local favorite Dustin Lambert.

The Open Intermediate race started with a perfectly timed light by Tyler Brown. Brown’s early lead vanished quickly though when Welland ace Shane Corbeil took over the lead on the back straight on his Clare’s Cycle Yamaha. Lambert was the man on the move at this point as he took over second place on lap two, as Bauer was deep in the field trying to make up for a bad start. Corbeil was struggling to stay on the groove at this point and was moving backwards while Lambert was the new leader on his DNA Car Service Honda. Rookie Intermediate rider Logan Wilson was also having an impressive run and now found himself in second place courtesy of some great passing in turn two. Wilson made a gallant effort over the last couple of laps, but Lambert protected the inside line to hold on for the victory at the checkers. After struggling at the start, Bauer rebounded well and took home a hard fought third place finish for his efforts.

The national series will now take a hiatus until mid-July when the series will visit the beautiful half mile in Leamington Ontario. For complete schedule information please visit

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Photography by: Shelby Lee Photography and David Dudley


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