Aug.3rd Woodstock Race Results


Well here we stood back on the grounds of the famous Woodstock Half Mile. A motorcycle race hasn’t been put on at the half mile since 1997 and thoughts that a motorcycle race there again would be out of the question. Well all I can say is how shocked we were with the open arm reception of the Woodstock community. Many supporters came out to see the roaring motorcycles once again hit the dirt on this very cool half mile. Many riders had a vague memory track layout, and most were surprised that Woodstock is a smaller half mile than most, with tight corners which are banked and has an interesting slight downhill backstretch. None the less, Woodstock is a very cool track and an amazing facility, which we can see again in future years to come!

Another surprising element to the race was the amount of ‘twins’ or 750’s most of them Harley’s with the addition of Mikey Labelle’s 750 Kawisaki. It’s always very exciting to see the big bikes and we dream that the industry could help support our series to create a ‘twins’ only class. We also had a vintage program which was very cool, at the end of the day Rick Gunby won on the old Norton Twin, which used to be fellow racer’s the late …..

In the opening rounds it was Scott Hartrich and Sean Hoy that went undefeated in the Open Amateur Classes, Brodie Buchan was also very fast and had a first and second in his heats. Second place points standing holder Shane Corbeil struggled in his heats landing him second row start for the final. Kristy Dulaj and Josh Barrick did really well considering they never really ride half miles, nice to see them out of their element.

In Open Expert Don Taylor was the only one that pulled off a couple wins, everyone else seemed to struggle except for the young Quebec rider Dave Pouliot. Dave rode amazing considering it was first start in Expert leaving him second choice for the final. Chris Evans blowing an engine in his first heat, left him with a third row start for the final.

In the finals we seen Trent Pickle take home the win on the his new 250. John Kehoe beat Terry Rideout, Terry giving him a few hard challenges for the speedway final, while Zach Peters had to miss the final after coming off hard in turn 2, he was up and okay but it was a spectacular looking crash. Steve Ball edged out Rick Gunby for the VET class win with Brad Kitto bringing in a third. In ATV, Steve Lagro lead start to finish with the Noble brothers trying to reel him back in.

In the Open AM final it was Scott Hartrich who took the early lead but just after the halfway point it was young Brodie Buchan who took over a lead with a beautiful pass. This young rider has been showing a promising future in this series. Sean Hoy took home third, holding on to his points lead and Shane Corbeil had better luck in the final compared to his heats and finished fourth. Alex Olsen made a last minute pass on Kristy Dulaj to round out the top five.

The Open Expert Final turned out to shocker. No one seemed to hold back as they rushed down the back straight on the first lap, down in turn three was Pouliot just low siding, however being in third place at the time caused a major pile up behind him. Riders flying and bikes cart wheeling, a horrific looking crash left the ambulances out to attend. Many riders down mostly beaten up, but Clayton Isherwood & Pj Biegger weren’t so lucky, Clatyon Injured his leg and Pj with a collar bone injury.

On The restart it was Tyler Seguin to an early lead, but Don Taylor used that big 750 Harley and ran the deep dirt to drive past Tyler. Tyler held onto the second spot for a couple laps before Cody Johncox on his 750 went by Tyler as well. Chris Evans jumped his way up to sixth but that came to end quickly after blowing his second motor of the day. Nick Wenzler and Mikey Labelle had a good battle going on for fourth and fifth.  A big battle between  Hartrich brothers, Freddy Ducheneau and Brandon Seguin was interesting to watch, Ducheneau finishing sixth, his best finish yet of the series.

Another good night of racing, a good response from Woodstock and we’ll be joining them again next year. We like to wish Clayton Isherwood and Pj Biegger a speedy recovery and we’re looking forward to the races at Paris Fair Aug.31st and the season finale in Simcoe, Friday the 13th in September!

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  1. just wannna thank everyone who helped my brother with the loading and was on the track helping with me and visited me in the hospital and pj means a lot to me . I will be attending the finale in simcoe to support my fellow racers on my time off and wish everyone a safe rest of the season…..

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