Flat Track Canada Partners with Parts Canada for 2015.


Flat Track Canada Partners with Parts Canada for 2015.  


Cambridge, On. April 17, 2015 - 


Flat Track Canada is proud to announce PARTS CANADA as a Presenting Sponsor of the 2015 Flat Track Canada Championship Race Series. In this, our second season with Parts Canada, our relationship has continued to grow and so has their support. It is, without a doubt, a great partnership as we take on a bigger schedule and work towards building our series nationally.

 Laura Lang of Parts Canada notes, “We are very happy to be supporting Flat Track Canada in 2015. The organizers of Flat Track Canada have proven to be extremely dedicated to growing and developing their series with increased venues, riders and spectators.  We love the grass roots nature of the sport and the family atmosphere it promotes. Flat Track is gaining momentum globally, and Parts Canada is thrilled to be a part of the resurgence of this exciting sport here in Canada”

Aaron Hesmer, president of Flat Track Canada adds “It’s an honour to have Parts Canada, supplier of quality brands such as Thor, Alpinestars, HJC, ICON and Drag Specialties, support Canadian Flat Track. We love to promote safety and style therefore these products are a great fit to stand by what we believe in! It’s exciting that Parts Canada has stepped up to become a ‘Presenting Sponsor’ of the series and the people of Parts understand our vision of the sport.”


2015 Canadian Championship Race Series Schedule 

May.16th – Paris Half Mile – Paris,On            

May.23th  - Burford Fairgrounds – Burford,On       

June.6th – Welland County Speedway – Welland,On 

June.27st -Welland County Speedway – Welland,On 

July. 18th – Leamington Half Mile – Leamington, On 

July.19th – Erie Ramblers Club – Wheatley, On     

Aug.1nd  - Woodstock Fairgrounds -Woodstock,On  

Aug.15th – Walton Trans-Can- Walton, On

Aug.22rd – Western Fair District – London,On  

Sept.5th  - Paris Short Track – Paris, On    

Sept. 19th – Erie Ramblers Club – Wheatley, On


About Flat Track Canada

Flat Track Canada is an organizing body that promotes, organizes and sanctions motorcycle race events in Canada. The organization is a member of the Motorcycle Confederation of Canada (MCC) competition counsel. For more information about the organization and the race schedule, please visit: www.flattrackcanada.com


About Parts Canada

PARTS CANADA is a national distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Canadian power sports industry. With distribution centres located in Calgary and London, Parts Canada has the ability to offer next day delivery from coast to coast.

Parts Canada is proud to be the exclusive distributor for some of the most recognizable product names in the industry, such as HJC, Icon, Alpinestars, Thor, Saddlemen, Drag Specialties, Moose, and so many more. For more information and to see our catalogues, please visit: www.partscanada.com or visit a dealer near you.


AGM Mintues

Flat Track Meeting- AGM (Feb.15/15) Paris, On

The start of the meeting was an introduction of how far we’ve developed from the start and gave insight to where we’d like to go in the future. The obvious suggestions were to make the championship series a ‘true’ National series which spreads across Canada. Part of the idealistic vision is to have televised events and to influence OEM support. All of which would help produce motorcycling to become a little bit more mainstream.

Obviously we have the meeting to receive input from riders and supporters of the sport to gain insight and communicate ideas for steps moving forward. There were various topics discussed at the meeting to help reach an understanding of how to develop the sport of flat track and help make it grow.

Below were the various topics discussed in bold with a summarized conclusion to the discussion.


                We want to start taking a proactive approach to safety as opposed to a reactive approach. We want to continue to promote safety and safety devices. Therefore we will have a safety advisor, Marc St. Amand, to aid newcomers and youth in the sport. Marc will help give good advice on different safety gear available on the market and advise some products that are best suitable for the sport.

The topic came up of mandating a back brace in to the rules. The back brace will eventually be mandated however there will be a grace period. The dates will be suggested in the near future.

We will also add a recommendation guide to the rule book. It will suggest the importance of different safety components that are recommended, however aren’t mandatory, the example of ear plugs for hearing protection was used.

A suggestion was made to jump start a gear exchange program. It would essentially allow parents to exchange equipment with other kids as they rapidly grow. It would help dramatically with the cost of things.

We will also be purchasing a wireless red lights to go around in various locations on any size venue. Therefore we can draw a red flag stop immediately on all parts of the track as opposed to bikes still racing to a flag which can be hazardous.

Plastic Bottle Drive  

                The idea of a safer barrier was suggested from fellow road racers Kenny Reidman and Jodi Christie that a canvas bag filled with empty plastic bottles make a great barrier for safety. In doing research study, this barrier has proven a safer concept than an air fence. Therefore we are collecting empty plastic bottles and hopefully influencing others to join us. We would like to keep building these barriers for different hazardous areas on larger tracks. This type of barrier would be used in conjunction with straw bales. We are collecting any type of plastic bottles, whether they are windshield washer fluid bottles, water bottles or plastic containers of that nature, we will accept them at Paris Speedway on any type of event day.

Tech Inspection

It was suggested that there was a check list for each. For 2016, we will have a tech inspection location at each venue, the inspection must be scrutinised by items of a check list and must comply with the safety standards.


                As the sport grows and we start to introduce more OEM’s to the sport, more and more contingency programs will take effect. We talked about how typically the programs work and what the expectations are from riders. Kate Rundle was also on hand to talk about the ‘Team Green’ program and answer any questions that anyone had.

Flat Track ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Program

The ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ was introduced at the Motorcycle Spring Show in Toronto on Mar.21-22. The idea was to help give exposure for the young riders and for the sport, showing the amount of support from young followers and the prosperous future it wields. On Sunday there was workshop that included advice to help prepare for interviews, pictures, public speaking and developing relationships with potential sponsors. The program proven to be a success and it looks like it will be viable program for the future.

Video Footage

Outlaw Productions is looking for ‘webseries’ footage, therefore if you forward ‘GOPRO’ footage to him, you have a good chance that the footage might be displayed.


We have a sponsor supporting us to acquire a system for 2015. It’s the newest state of art system. During 2015 we will set up, test and develop the software and smart phone app. The rules will mandate Intermediate and Expert classes to have a transponder for 2016. Riders who acquire a transponder for 2015 will be able to test utilize the timing and scoring procedures used. 2016 practice and qualifying sessions will take place to build the race program.

Rule Changes   

  1. Points, this will be the new points structure for each of the classes at all of the events.


















  1. A DNS for final, the rider will acquire 0 points. Once they made the ‘Original start to the race’ they will be awarded points. If two riders fall and cannot continue, their order it will result in the previous lap or how they qualified for the race if at least one lap hasn’t been completed.
  2. DNF’s are still awarded points if the ‘original final start’ was made.
  3. Red flag finishes result in the previous lap, excluding fallen riders.
  4. Races can be called a finish after 75% of the race is completed (to the referee’s discretion)
  5. Restarts must be given at least a minimum of 3 laps
  6. If a rider is the cause of a restart a second time in a final, the rider may be excluded (at the referees discretion)



                It was discussed that our goal is to be in Calgary and Quebec by 2017. This goal has many challenges and there was a discussion about what classes the expectations were to travel and what the different methods of logistics available. It was suggested to have an East/ West class for most of the amateur classes and have the Experts travel abroad with an expectation of the top 10 competitors.  They mentioned that it would be beneficial to be a double header. Most riders were willing to travel to the Quebec/ Ottawa area.

Event Itinerary

                The idea was to change the itinerary and make it similar to the Leamington race. Where most of the qualifying races take place before the actual ‘show’ or opening ceremonies (advertised start time).

This would run all practice and qualifying heats earlier in the day with the exception of Expert heats which would open the show.

Tighten time in between races… checkered flag lap with interview, while the next race stages its race.

No tolerance or waiting time for riders who aren’t staged and ready. A rider must have a team member tell us to wait to have the 2 minute rule apply.


                We’re getting charities involved with the London event this year to help increase exposure for the sport. If the model seems to work, we will replicate it at each of the venues for 2016. Any suggestions for charities local to the communities of the venues…

Promotional Days

                Flat Track Canada has plenty of events planned and booked for increasing the promotion and exposure of the sport. Any help will be necessary and are always looking for volunteers.

450 vs. DTX class

                A topic was brought up about replacing the DTX with just an open 450 displacement class, allowing ‘framers’ to be able to participate in the class. Currently there is an Open class and a DTX class, the point of having the DTX class is keep all of the bikes equal and in the same production category. All of the bikes and rules in this class are easily obtainable throughout the industry. For the most part these bikes are highly competitive amongst themselves and share an identity that is highly recognizable to the untrained eye. The DTX option is the most simple and easy solution to a start in flat track racing, and this must be influenced through all levels of classes. OEM’s typically have a hard time supporting something they aren’t familiar with or if they feel it could be unfair. In this case the DTX class is a fair playing field for all levels and the products are identifiably production based. Therefore we’ve chose to continue with the ‘Production Class’ and the ‘Open Class’ for 2015.


Walton Raceway & Flat Track Canada Announce Partnership


Walton Raceway & Flat Track Canada 

Announce Partnership  

to add Flat Track Racing withThe 2015 Parts Canada TransCan & COMP Expo


WALTON, Ontario. (March 17, 2015) – Walton Raceway & Flat Track Canada are pleased to announce their partnership together, to host Flat Track Racing on a what will be a new Flat Track built, as part of the Walton Raceway Facility.

Flat Track Racing will be a new addition as part of the Canadian Outdoor, Motorcycle & Power Sports Expo (COMP EXPO), in conjunction with the 24th annual Parts Canada TransCan; Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship, all taking place from August 12th to 16th, 2015.

Aaron Hesmer, President of Flat Track Canada Inc. expresses, “We are thrilled and honoured to be part of Walton Raceway and the experience of the Parts Canada TransCan and COMP Expo. It’s always wonderful to see crossover in motorsports but exceptionally here in Canada. I think going ahead and venturing into this project will become influential worldwide. Both motocross and flat track seem to be thriving and it’s a great way to draw all demographics together and get a fantastic experience in one great place, Walton Raceway”!

“We are very excited to enter into a partnership with Flat Track Canada and expand both the Parts Canada TransCan and the COMP Expo to include Flat Track Racing, said Mark Perrin, Director of Marketing for Walton Raceway. “This is another step forward toward our goal of partnering with all corners of the Motorcycle & Power Sports Industry, as we aim to ensure racers and consumers can view, touch and feel as many onsite demos and product releases as possible, while obtaining the live flat track and motocross racing experience”.

Walton Raceway and Flat Track Canada will release more details in the late spring, about both the Flat Track itself and Flat Track racing information during the Parts Canada TransCan & COMP Expo weekend.

For more information about COMP Expo or the 2015 Parts Canada TransCan “24th Anniversary” Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship (GNC) at Walton Raceway, please log on to: www.partscanadatranscan.ca or www.waltonraceway.ca. For all media, marketing and partnership requests; please contact Mark Perrin mark@motocrosscanada.ca or call 519-384-1067.

Canadian Outdoor, Motorcycle & Power Sports Expo

About Flat Track Canada
Flat Track Canada is an organizing body that promotes, organizes and sanctions motorcycle race events in Canada. The organization is a member of the Motorcycle Confederation of Canada (MCC) competition counsel. For more information about the organization and the race schedule, please visit: www.flattrackcanada.com

About Walton Raceway

Walton Raceway is located in Huron Country on Ontario West Coast. The address of the facility is 42852 Walton Road in Walton, Ontario, Canada. Walton Raceway was opened in 1971 and is one the longest running and most prestigious Motocross facilities within

About The TransCan

In 1992, the TransCan was created as Walton Raceway would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian Motocross. The TransCan was built from a great
natural track, strong community support, accessibility and support from the Industry. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunity for the best Canadian racers in all age
classes to compete against each other for a Canadian Amateur and Pro Motocross Championship.

© 2015 Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship; Canadian Outdoor, Motorcycle & Power Sports Expo: An Annual Celebration of Canadian Motocross, Motorcycle & Powersports — the largest MX in Canada.


Flat Track Canada Awards Banquet #MotoSocialNight

It’s almost here!   Flat Track Canada’s year end closer.  This is our last time to get the racing family together for 2014!   This Saturday come join in on the fun as we congratulate all our winners from the season.

Also a chance to win some great prizes. From winter coats to getting all new great for 2015, all courtesy from our sponsors at Parts Canada, Grand River Powersports, Kawasaki,  Inside Motorcycles, Deeley Harley Davidson, Klotz, Hindle, Town Moto, Zaeta, and Outlaw Productions.




—–Flat Track Canada Banquet / #motosocial ——-NOV.22/14


Saturday November 22nd at the Mohawk INN & Chop House

9230 Guelph Line, Campbellville, L0P 1B0, Canada


Saturday 5pm on, 2014 Awards presentation at 7pm


$5 cover, Food and drink menus available at the venue

BwH9UdUCYAAI99r.jpg medium

Come hang out and talk motorcycles. Everyone is welcome, no reservations or invite needed. We are looking to grow the event and make it a larger get together in the motorcycle industry. Come see the Champions accept their awards and many door prizes available!




Hotel accommodations are available at the venue. To book today visit:

call 905 854 2277



LAST chance for Flat Track School in 2014

With the weather turning into full blown fall, October 18th will be the LAST chance to get in the Flat Track School hosted at the Paris Fairgrounds.  This school is for you, be it your first time on the track, or a regular racer, this course will teach you what you need to know about the track and the bike.  All while having fun with your friends.

The agenda for the day is straight forward. We will have a group discussion about the bikes and how to control them on the track. Once finished with the intro, we will have you suit up and head on the track in groups of four. Our instructors will be on the track to watch and help guide. Once everyone has had a turn on the track we will break and have a more in depth discussion about riding, and so fourth.  Around 4pm the track will be open to “dial in” what you’ve learned from the day.
We have 250cc and 450cc to choose from. You must bring your own helmet.  We always suggest to bring what you have in regards to gear. Boots, motocross gear, road racing gear.   If you don’t have any gear, we can get you covered with all our THOR gear supplied by Parts Canada.
Email us at Info@flattrackcanada.com to sign up today!
Or you can call us at 226-203-2100

2014 Flat Track Canada’s Champions


                      Flat Track Canada Crowns 2014 Champions

   After an eleven race national series spread over the past five months, Flat Track Canada has named its champions for the season.  In only their second year of existence, Flat Track Canada witnessed an increase in the calibre of competition, as well as the addition of new tracks and new classes, which resulted in many classes not being decided until the final race of the year.

   There may have been new tracks on the schedule but one thing that remained the same from the sanctioning bodies first season was Don Taylor grabbing the number one plate in the Open Expert class. Taylor, who started strong by winning the first race of the season, is still the only Open Expert champion the young series has had. Spreading his seat time between a Harley Davidson XR 750, a KTM motocross based machine, as well as a Jim Sehl prepared Yamaha 450, Taylor won four races on his way to the title.

   Welland Ontario native Tyler Seguin came out on top in the Expert DTX class. Riding a Honda 450 machine, Seguin picked up two wins on the season but was on the podium almost every race which helped pave way to his championship.

   Intermediate action saw eighteen year old Braden Vallee ride smooth and consistent all year which allowed him to grab the titles in both the Intermediate Open and Intermediate DTX classes. Vallee split his time between his Kawasaki Kx450f and the exotic Zaeta 530 DT on his way to the top.

   Other Flat Track Canada Class Champions:

   Open Novice: Trent Pickle

   DTX Novice: Kyle Sheppard

   VET: Steve Ball

   250 Novice: Logan Wilson

   Speedway: John Kehoe

   ATV Open: Steve Lagro

   ATV Youth: Spencer Whittam

   85cc: Hunter Bauer

   65cc: Hunter Bauer

   50cc Chain: Branden Keys

   50cc Shaft: Maguire Scott

   Flat Track Canada would like to congratulate the 2014 champions as well as all of the competitors for a great season. They would also like to thank the 2014 series sponsors: Town Moto, Inside Motorcycles, Klotz, Zaeta, Parts Canada, Hindle, Motorsports Canada, Harley Davidson and Outlaw Productions.

Flat Track Schools Available!

Happy Sunday! With the weather outside being so gloomy, and you are online right now, why not sign up for a Flat Track School, hosted at the Paris Fairgrounds?

Our Featured guest and trainer for the day will be Flat Track Canada’s own Steve Beattie. You will be learning everything from how to handle the bike on the track to how to maintain it off the track.

Our First school will kick off on Saturday September 27th. Starting at 10am and going until 4pm. Price will be $90-$120 for the day. Sign up now Limited spaces available!!!

Email Info@flattrackcanada.com to sign up or call 226-755-2208.


Wheatley Double Header on September 13th &14th

Here it is Ladies and Gentleman! Its the FINAL round of Flat Track Canada’s  2014 Season.  It will come down to this round to decide who will be Flat Track Canada’s reigning champ, with so many rider so close in points.

Photo by: Chris Rahm

The racing was action packed at the  July 20th round with FTC.  Now with this last race of the year we can only anticipate what kind of amazing racing we’ll see this time.

September 13th 2014                                                                                             *This will be our final points round for FTC*

Erie Ramblers Motorcycle Club                                                                                   2205 Deer Run Rd. Wheatley, Ont. N0P 2P0

Gates Open at 3pm Practice at 6pm
Races start at 7pm

All classes will be running EXCEPT for ATV and Speedway.

Purse is $3500 plus and extra $1000 Dash For Cash.

Free Camping on site at Wheatley.  Others looking for a place to stay, FTC is staying at the Days Inn in Leamington.  Located at 201 Erie Street North, Leamington, ON.  Hurry up and call 1-519-325-0260 to reserve your room now.  Tell them your with Flat Tack Canada and get your room for $90+tax

If Saturday gets rained out, the points round will be held on Sunday!


***Sunday September 14th will be a day race at Wheatley as well.  Times are as follows:

Gates Open at 10am                                                                                                      Practice at 12pm                                                                                                              Races start at 1pm

All classes will be running EXCEPT for ATV and Speedway.

$2000 Purse.

Looking forward to an amazing weekend of racing! We’ll see you all there….Braaaap!



London 1/2 mile greets Flat Track Canada with open arms!

Welcome Back London

After last holding an event in 2007, Western Fairgrounds in London hosted a race thanks to some hard work by Aaron Hesmer and the rest of the Flat Track Canada crew. With its great grandstands, banking on both the corners and straightaways, and its “big show” atmosphere, this was likely the premier stop on the racing tour for 2014.

Photo by: Western Fair District

   We can only imagine at this point how the point standings would look in the Open Expert class if family man Steve Beattie had the time and ambition to hit all the races. After grabbing the win on Saturday night, Beattie now has two firsts and a second in the three races he has competed in. Other riders in this class have got to be breathing a sigh of relief that the old man only jumps onto a race bike on occasion.

#26 Steve Beattie                                                                                                                    Photo By: Outlaw Productions

   Grabbing the victory on Saturday was no easy task for Beattie however as bike problems with his trusted Harley late in the week left him scrambling for a ride. Beattie called his brother Doug on Friday night and Doug graciously agreed to step aside and let Steve ride his Kurt Biegger J&M 450 for the race in London. Kurt and P.J. Biegger quickly prepared the bike for Beattie and the stage was set for a great ride in the open final.